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Education NewsThis week’s news post brings some thought provoking reads on a variety of topics ranging from the impact of breakfast on academic performance, to opting out of the education system to travel the world.


Hong Kong Pupils Who Eat Breakfast Daily, ’18 months ahead of those who skip the meal’

Education News(Source: The South China Morning Post, by Raymond Yeung, November 2016)

Being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is nothing new and it stands to reason that it would be. This article however, reveals some interesting statistics on how a healthy breakfast can have a significant impact on academic performance.

What’s the story?

A study conducted by a Chinese university, which looked at 1,500 children and 12,000 parents, found that those who ate a healthy breakfast performed significantly better in tests than those that didn’t. Professor Hau Kit-tai claims that the difference amounts to an additional 1.5 years of education.

The report also notes that to have this kind of effect on learning, the breakfast needs to be a healthy one, ideally combining carbohydrates, protein and fruit. And that processed meat, convenience food and soft drinks actually had a negative impact on academic performance.


Authors and Teachers Pick a Book for Christmas

Education News(Source: The Guardian, by Rebecca Radcliffe, December 2016)

Snuggling up with my daughter at bedtime to read her books is one of my favourite parts of the day. We’re always on the look out for new books and new authors, so a handy article like this is always useful. Although written for Christmas ideas, there’s never a bad time to buy a book!

What’s the story?

The article provides a list of 18 authors and teachers who give their recommended reads. Each author/teacher has provided a helpful synopsis of the story and the reason why they like it. There’s plenty to choose from for children of all ages. There are also some recommendations in the comments section.


Our Children Aren’t ready for Class So We’re ‘Worldschooling’ Them Instead

Education News(Source: The Guardian, by Hannah Barbey, September 2016)

As an advocate of the Finnish education system, where children start formal education at seven, this article is a good reminder of why the UK in particular, (with its early start), should raise it’s school starting age.

Whats’ the story?

Written by a UK primary school teacher, the article focuses on the UK system, where most children start at four. The author and her husband made the decision to not follow this path, but to educate their children by taking them around Europe instead.

The article also offers an important reminder that the UK has one of the earliest school starting ages, but lags significantly behind other countries that start at six or seven.

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