As a parent, you can have a real impact on your kids’ learning. Our FREE library is bursting with e-books, guides, cheat sheets and tips to help you do just that.

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As a parent, you can have a HUGE impact on your kids’ learning. Our FREE library is bursting with e-books, guides, cheat sheets and tips to help you do just that.

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A child’s learning journey is fascinating. It’s a journey full of wonder and excitement, as they explore everything from stories to the miracles of nature. As you accompany your child on this incredible journey, you’ll encounter the ups and downs – their frustration at not first understanding something and then their joy when everything suddenly falls into place, or when they discover something new for the first time.

So how can parents help their child navigate this journey and support them to reach their full potential? MoW is dedicated to helping parents achieve just that. Grounded in the latest research and years of experience, you will learn about how your child learns and what they need from you in order to succeed. You will also be able to benefit from the team of guest educators that write for MoW. They are highly experienced education consultants, who are able to offer further insight into children’s learning in various areas.

As well as all that, you’ll receive easy-to-use, practical tips to guide you on what you can do with your child, both at home and at school, to help them succeed both at school and in life.


My Story

aboutcropThis blog was inspired by my daughter during the time of choosing her preschool. My professional life has always been in education, starting out as an English teacher and then working as an Education Consultant. It was at this preschool choosing stage however, that my passion for early years education truly exploded.

Now I wanted to know everything about how my daughter’s mind was working; the theory and practice behind how she would learn best and knowing exactly what to ask when making decisions about her education. My wealth of knowledge and experience has certainly helped as we’ve set off on her learning journey.

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