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Supporting Your Child back to School after Lockdown

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Tips for Parents, Wellbeing for Learning

Returning to school after lockdown is something a lot of kids will find difficult. And it may even induce a level of anxiety in many children. In addition to going back to school, they’re also facing significant change once they are there. These changes may involve not being with their friends, not being with their usual teacher and/or having their movement and play restricted. So, what’s the best way to help and support your kids with this big transition? To find the answers, I interviewed play therapist, keynote speaker and trainer, Sarah Bentley. In the interview I asked Sarah questions taken form members of the Minds of Wonder Community FB group.These were:

  1. Do you think starting back on a reduced timetable might benefit children who were already struggling with going into school, even before lockdown?
  2. How can I support my child who was already suffering from anxiety and depression before lockdown? Even the mention of going back triggers her anxiety and I’ve noticed some regression while she’s been off school.
  3. How can we best support our kids with the changes once they’re back at school, such as having a different teacher, not being with their friends and keeping apart from others?

Sarah answers all these questions and provides a wealth of tips and strategies on how parents can best support their children during this challenging time. You can watch the interview in this video:


Sarah also recommended these books that parents can use to help their kids:


Final thoughts…

There are lots of things we can do to support our children going back to school after lockdown. And maybe the most important, is to make sure they know they are loved unconditionally. It’s easy to think that our kids know this at all times. But it’s often the case, they can forget or become unsure about it. By showing and telling them every day, they’re not only reminded of it but it’s something that will be the greatest help to them as they venture into a different world.

Over to you…

Has your child returned to school yet? How did it go? Is there anything you wish you had done differently or things you did that worked really well in helping them with the transition? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 


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