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How to Improve Your Child’s Concentration

by | May 26, 2020 | Resilience for Learning, Tips for Parents

Parents wanting to improve their child’s concentration is one I come across often. And maybe now more than ever, they’re looking for ways  to achieve it. Homeschooling was thrust upon them. Suddenly, they had to get to grips with everything it entails and do their best, often while still working themselves.

It’s not been easy and for many it’s brought a whole lot of stress for them and their kids.

But as always, there’s a silver lining! I’ve lost count of how parents have told me about the insight they’ve gained into HOW their kids learn. They had some idea beforehand of course, but now they have a much deeper understanding. And that I have to say, is a pretty HUGE silver lining! Now they can help their kids learn in ways they couldn’t before. They can leverage on their new knowledge to enable their kids to thrive, not just now, but in the future too.

One of the parents I interviewed for my ‘Talking Today’s Challenges’ series, (that takes place in the Minds of Wonder’s FB group), was a working mum, whose biggest challenge was making and keeping a homeschooling schedule. (You can check out this POST on creating a homeschooling schedule).

Within this, one of her biggest struggles was improving her child’s concentration level. This isn’t surprising to hear right now. Not only are parents homeschooling, but kids have suddenly had their school swapped for the kitchen table and their teacher swapped for mum or dad!

In the interview, I give mum, Sue some ideas on how she can improve her child’s concentration. The interview is well worth viewing. Many parents will be able to relate to Sue and the challenges she was facing.


Improving a child’s concentration


Ten tips to improve a child’s concentration

  1. child's concentrationMake sure that the amount of time you’re expecting your child to concentrate is appropriate for their age.
  2. Focus on one task at a time.
  3. Introduce mindful activities.
  4. Make sure they get sufficient sleep for their age group.
  5. Schedule plenty of mini breaks.
  6. Encourage them to set small, achievable goals.
  7. Ensure they eat and drink sufficient amounts
  8. Understand how they learn (visual, kinaesthetic, auditory).
  9. Break big tasks down into smaller pieces to make them more manageable.
  10. Incorporate plenty of exercise.


Final thoughts…

One of the biggest things to remember, is that you’re not trying to replicate the school day in terms of hours or lessons covered. What you’re doing is doing your best in the circumstances, and in a way that doesn’t cause you or your child undue stress. Improving your child’s concentration is important, but much of the really valuable learning during this challenging time, will take place outside of math, English, science, history… 🙂

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Over to you…

Is concentration something your child struggles with? Have you used any of the tips in the video or the list above? I’d love to hear your experiences and what’s worked for you in the comments below 🙂




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